Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why are we Waiting?

I said early on in this book, that there would be ups and downs, frustrations and joys - so what comes next? The house appears to be at a standstill; maybe supplies are awaited, or everyone has gone home for a nice rest? I need to find out whether the screens arrived for the windows as they aren't installed at this point. I need to discover whether a payment is overdue. I want to know what we are waiting for! There is definitely still much to be completed with the house, and more dealings with the bank and their disbursements. How do the Panamanians stand this? Most of all, how will we ever acclimate to the way of doing business in a Latin country?

Remarkably, my patience endureth! The struggle to sell the gallery is actually the most frustrating part right now. With our buyer apparently gone bye bye, we are back at square one, and up the proverbial creek without a paddle until we can sell and liquidate the final cash we require to actually move! The sound you hear is my teeth grinding...

Meanwhile, the weather here has begun to be Spring-like and we can walk daily to relieve our impatient musings. I have enjoyed some family birthdays (almost my entire family consists of spring babies, with a few November/Christmas thrown in for good measure). Sat one of my grandsons today only to be skunked at "Go Fish" and almost bested at a couple of other games. The box side said "for children over 4" and another "over 7", so what is my problem? I need practice! The cats continue to act like they have caught spring fever, and Bogart (age 8 now) has been quite the kitten lately. My knitting is growing and I will probably complete all my projects for next Christmas before I see Panama again!

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